With my ImmerseNYC guide, I felt supported, guided and understood. This immersion was a great way for me to mark transitions that unfortunately have gone unmarked.

My immersion experience completely changed the pace of my wedding weekend. It gave me a chance to be still, reflect, and welcome in this new chapter without distraction. In this special moment, I stopped to think about where I am coming from and where I am going, and to be thankful for the journey I’ve had so far... [This immersion] helped me become more present and mindful on my wedding day.

After my mother died, I immersed in the mikveh as part of my mourning process.

The mikveh waters coated my body with a warmth that was instantly soothing, instantly healing. I could feel her presence with me. I stayed in those waters for a long time. I wept, I sang, and I wept some more.

Every year I return and every time I am held once more.

Immersing for the first time helped me let go of anger I had been holding, and feel connected to deep tenderness. I felt I was allowed to hold whatever I wanted to keep. It felt like I was being given permission to be me.

I have been going to the mikveh for years. My immersion with ImmerseNYC was the first time I had a positive and uplifting experience at the mikveh. I will carry forward the energy I gained from it into my personal and family life.

I didn’t think mikveh was ‘for me’ but ImmerseNYC provided an amazing experience to mikveh newcomers like myself. My mikveh guide was thoughtful and sensitive, and the whole experience was incredibly meaningful and sacred.

What I loved most about my daughter and myself immersing to mark her bat mitzvah wasn’t just the way she got so comfortable, wasn’t just the way she witnessed me, wasn’t just the way our mikveh guide enhanced our experience... What I loved most was the way we shared a Jewish sacred moment together.