Schedule an Immersion

When you book an immersion with ImmerseNYC, one of our trained mikveh guides will welcome you at the mikveh and facilitate a supportive, safe immersion experience from start to finish. 

Where is the mikveh? 
ImmerseNYC facilitates immersions at a mikveh on the upper west side of Manhattan that generously allows us to guide immersions in their space. Mikveh hours vary based on season. 

How much does an immersion cost?
The mikveh charges $60 for a daytime immersion, $50 for a wedding immersion, and $30 for an evening immersion. 
ImmerseNYC does not charge for immersions.

How long will the immersion take?
The immersion appointment is for 1.5 hours. Your immersion may not take the entire time.

Does the mikveh provide towels and toiletries?
The mikveh provides towels and any toiletries you would need for your preparation process prior to immersing. However, the mikveh's towels are unfortunately not "one size fits all."  Therefore you may want to bring your own towel or a sheet to wrap yourself in as your walk from the preparation room to the mikveh pool if you would like something larger.

Can I go to the mikveh tonight?
We are unable to meet same day immersion requests.

Can my friends and family join to support me?
Yes, you are welcome to bring friends and/or family to support you for your immersion. However these immersions must be scheduled for a morning appointment (on Wednesdays), as the mikveh is too crowded in the evenings to accommodate people other than those immersing.

Can ImmerseNYC help with my conversion?
We are guests in another mikveh's facility; we do not coordinate conversions there. We are able to provide guidance and clergy support for conversions in a supplemental manner.

The mikveh facility has separate spaces and pools for women and men. 
To book an appointment on the women's side, please complete the immersion request form below.
For all other immersion-related requests and questions, please contact