ImmerseNYC is a pluralistic, Jewish, feminist organization in New York City that provides a Jewish framework for life transitions by facilitating deep ritual experiences at the mikveh  (Jewish ritual bath), convening supportive peer communities, and organizing educational programs.  

We model the Jewish world we want to live in: a diverse community where Jews support one another through life transitions with love.


Mikveh (ritual bath) immersion is an ancient practice that honors the sacred nature of our experiences and our bodies. Immersions can mark life transitions such as weddings, births, healing from illness or trauma, significant birthdays, b'nei mitzvah, divorce, pregnancy loss, fertility struggles, and mourning.  More ›

Sacred Conversations

ImmerseNYC sacred conversations are supportive peer-led discussion groups in which participants are led by a trained ImmerseNYC facilitator to share the deep questions and concerns in their lives, and hold powerful conversations that foster self-awareness, personal growth, and connection.  More ›


ImmerseNYC organizes workshops and events about mikveh, feminism, and life transitions for adult learners, community groups, religious schools, seminary students, and clergy.  More ›