ImmerseNYC is a pluralistic, Jewish, feminist organization in New York City that provides a Jewish framework for life transitions by facilitating deep ritual experiences at the mikveh  (Jewish ritual bath), convening supportive peer communities, and organizing educational programs.  

We model the Jewish world we want to live in: a diverse community where Jews support one another through life transitions with love.


Sacred Bodies: A Healing Immersion for Racial Justice
Sunday, September 11, at 9:00am at Riis Park

When we confront and fight against racism, we are not just fighting for ideas. We are fighting against a system that brutalizes bodies, takes the lives of people of color, undermines the humanity of white people, chews up activists, and imprisons, sickens, and impoverishes real bodies in real time.

One of the core values of ImmerseNYC, our local community mikveh* project, is that our bodies are sacred. Immersion in living waters connects us to the primordial waters of creation, and is one way that Jewish tradition encourages us to honor our physical form unconditionally, and seek healing in an unjust world.

The ritual:
Join us on Sunday, September 11, at 9:00am at Riis Park (the exact location of the ritual will be close to a bus stop, detailed instructions to follow) for a healing ritual immersion in the ocean inspired by the Jewish tradition of mikveh.

What will it be like?
We'll gather by the ocean and meet in breakout groups as white people and people of color to set our intentions for our own healing and healing for our communities. Trained ImmerseNYC mikveh guides will then lead each group in a healing ritual immersion in the ocean (in bathing suits). With the support of the guides, you'll be able to choose whether and how much you'd like to be in the water and whether you'd like to use traditional ritual elements or your own ritual elements.

Why now?
To fuel the work of healing that is so desperately needed in our bodies, our communities, and our country right now, we need to continue to care for our spiritual needs and to take time to heal. Affirming the sacredness of the bodies of people of color is a political act, as is affirming the need for white people to actively renew our commitment to racial justice.

Who is invited?
People of all racial identities and faiths are invited to attend. This is not intended to be a traditionally commanded kosher immersion. Inspired by Jewish wisdom, our hope is to harness the power of immersion in living waters as a ritual for healing.

Who is organizing this?
A multi-racial team of clergy, communal leaders, and ImmerseNYC mikveh guides.

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What should I bring:
- A bathing suit
- A towel
Lights snacks will be provided

Contact Rabbi Sara Luria at with any questions and please spread the word!
Co-sponsored by ImmerseNYC, Congregation Rodeph Sholom, Kohennet
*mikveh immersion is the ancient practice of immersing in a body of water to honor life's transitions

Mikveh (ritual bath) immersion is an ancient practice that honors the sacred nature of our experiences and our bodies. Immersions can mark life transitions such as weddings, births, healing from illness or trauma, significant birthdays, b'nei mitzvah, divorce, pregnancy loss, fertility struggles, and mourning.  More ›

Sacred Conversations

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ImmerseNYC organizes workshops and events about mikveh, feminism, and life transitions for adult learners, community groups, religious schools, seminary students, and clergy.  More ›