We organize workshops and events about mikveh, feminism, and life transitions for adult learners, community groups, religious schools, seminary students and clergy.


Reframing and Reclaiming MIKVEH

Mikveh as Non-Gendered Spiritual Practice: An evening with Rabbi Dr Haviva Ner-David

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The B'nai Jeshurun Mindfulness Havurah and ImmerseNYC invite you to join Rabbi Dr. Haviva Ner-David for an evening of discussion and exploration of the mikveh and its spiritual practice.

Rabbi Dr. Ner-David is a rabbi and writer; her second memoir, Chanah’s Voice: A Rabbi Wrestles with Gender, Commandment, and Women’s Rituals was released by Ben Yehudah Press in 2014.


Stand Naked:
A Night of Learning and Spiritual Preparation for the High Holidays 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 

If you’re going to run a marathon, you train. If you’re going to take a trip, you plan an itinerary. If you’re going on a date, you pore over your date’s Facebook profile. Preparation is everything. So how will you prepare for the Jewish holidays?

Join IDRA and ImmerseNYC as we strip away our judgments and pretenses and Stand Naked: A Night of Text Learning and Spiritual Preparation for the High Holidays.

My Child’s Starting Kindergarten! Wasn’t I Holding a Baby Just Yesterday?! 

A Conversation for Mothers and Fathers about Children — and Parents — Growing
Sunday, September 14, 2014

Your child’s all ready for kindergarten! First day outfit—Check! Reading a few books about starting kindergarten—Check! Visiting the classroom and meeting the teacher—Check! Talking about how kindergarten will be similar to and different from pre-school—Check! Your child seems ready.

“Congratulations!” people say to you. “How exciting that your child is starting kindergarten!” And it is exciting… and yet…

What about you? How have you, as the parent, prepared for your child to enter kindergarten? What does it mean for you—emotionally, logistically, spiritually—that your child is starting kindergarten? What are you looking forward to? What are you sad about?  Where is the space to talk about the range of emotions and changes that kindergarten will bring to you—and to think about how you have grown in your parenthood since your child was a baby?

This is that space. We invite you to join us for an open, non-judgmental conversation talking about the transition to kindergarten and what it means for each of us as a father or mother. We’ll spend time individually and in small groups, giving to ourselves the gift of time and reflection—just as we’ve given the gift of time to our children to prepare for this transition.

In addition to conversation and reflection, rituals can be powerful tools for helping us mark important transitions. So we’ll end with an optional individual ritual immersion in the mikveh, where we’ll each be able to Jewishly, spiritually mark this important transition in our lives as mothers or fathers.